Konstruktor started with business activities in 2004, establishing the first company in the Group - Konstruktor consulting, whose main activity is the design and execution of high-rise buildings.

The previous experience in the construction of over 250 objects of different complexity and purpose in a total area of ​​more than 1.000,000 square meters, with the current team Konstrukting Konsalting, which consists of more than 150 employees, is a guarantee that the most complex objects will be built in short term and high quality.

There is an increasing number of companies in the market that, with increasing production and sales, have the need for appropriate products, warehouse and sales space, as well as new foreign investments in the form of hotels, business buildings, and above all housing construction.

Starting from the fact that the quality does not have an alternative and in an effort to provide the client with the lowest possible financial investment, we have developed a system of turnkey construction, design and build, and in house solutions that allow business partners to move in into their new space and improve the business environment and working environmen in short-term period, with minimal effort and maximum savings.

Our approach in engineering is to provide objective advice on the design and implementation of projects of varying scale and complexity, and we are able to provide full expertise and maximum to achieve the projects within the specified deadline.

The Konstruktor Company, thanks to its many years of professional experience, is able to provide professional service. Our main characteristic is that we are able to listen and understand the requirements and needs of clients, and to project the facilites based on them.

Konstrukting Konsalting, in the part of the company that deals with design, engineering and consulting, we design and implement projects of various types, scope, complexity and deadlines. The Konstruktor team offers different types of services for many Clients and Investors.