In 2010, recognizing the needs of the market for short-term and fast delivery, Konstruktor Distribution was created. Konstruktor Distribution possess own stock of quality construction materials which ensures fast availability of materials.

Also, Konstruktor offers its customers the possibility of confining products on modern machines, which makes it easier for smaller manufacturers and shortens the way for a good quality of a final product. Vision of the Konstruktor Distribution is to become a respectable dealer with high quality construction materials.

Konstruktor Distribution standts out with competitive prices and high availability of steel materials, thermal insulation sandwich panels and aluminum composite panels, which are sold under its own brand name.

Sandwich panels

Konstruktor Distribution has concluded the Agreement on the exclusive distribution of sandwich panels (BRUCHA) of the renowned Austrian company in the Serbian market.

In the construction of sandwich panels, they are divided into roof and facade, and most commonly used in the industrial building, but also in the construction of cold storage and low-energy facilities.

Aluminum composite panels

In order to meet the needs of our business partners, we have expanded the offer of thicknesses when it comes to aluminum composite panels, as well as the range of available colors. Aluminum composite panel is produced under the brand  Konstruktor K Bond and represents the best price / quality ratio on the Serbian market.

Steel materials

Metal materials and its alloys, such as steel, are inorganic matter of crystal structure, which has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. Steel materials are used to make profiles and bearings, precisely because of the high strength of these materials, which are resistant to the action of the improved forces and very difficult to change the shape.

Konstruktor Distribution has its own storage, which ensures quick availability of the product.