Konstruktor Group’s Crisis Management; a Thank-You Note to Health Workers!

During the past days and weeks many changes have been introduced.
The activities of our employees, our subcontractors and associates are directed in the right way – towards caring about all employees.
In these challenging times we also have the responsibility to protect both our and your business.
We wish to express our gratitude to the Konstruktor team as well as to all the associates who are acting responsibly and supporting one other during the crisis management: from those who sewing masks on their own initiative, through those in charge of the supply chain and the liquidity, to those responsible for the very execution of the construction works.
Their professional safety will not be endangered! 

A special thanks to all the health workers! We appreciate the sacrifice you are making during this time of struggle, and so, the entire Konstruktor Group team wishes to extend its support to you. The donation we have made to the National Health Insurance Fund is merely a small contribution to your great commitment during these difficult times.
Stay strong, and we will follow your example!

Konstruktor starts construction works for “Xingyu Automotive Lighting Systems“ for their facility- manufacturing and business complex in Nis, of 45,000 square meters

Construction work in the industrial zone of Nis have begun for building the manufacturing and business complex of the Chinese company Xingyu Automotive Lighting Systems, the leading enterprise engaged in the design and manufacture of automotive lamps.

The complex will occupy the area of 45,000 square meters and will include: the manufacturing and business structure with eaves, the restaurant building with a canteen and business apartments, the warehouse for flammable materials, the waste storage building, smoking areas, the porter’s lodge, the switching substation, the advertising bord and the retention facilities.

In this project, according to the "turnkey", “design and build” contract, Konstruktor, general contractor works on the execution of all architectural-construction works, thermotechnical, hydrotechnical and electrical installations, interior finishing works, as well as all landscaping and traffic works of the complex.

Completed one more facility of the KLP Logistics Center in Šimanovci

The “KLP 2“ facility, the second part of the most modern logistics center in Serbia, was completed and already populated as the new center of the renowned logistics enterprise in Serbia, DB Schenker.

This facility occupies the area of 7,000 square meters and it was designed so as to contain functional warehouses and the accompanying offices.

Functionality, design, high quality standards (LEED, FM Global) and the premium logistics location are the characteristics that make the KLP 2 “a new home” for the Schenker company, which owns warehouses and storage spaces in 750 locations of around 8 million square meters in more than 50 countries on all continents.

According by the criteria prescribed for contemporary industrial buildings and structures, the KLP belongs to class “A” structures, which are characterized by a high energy efficiency and, use of premium material brands and location criterion.

This facility is situated in an attractive location along E-70 highway, next to the Šimanovci pay toll, at the western entrance to the city of Belgrade.

General contractor, Konstruktor company, also engaged in the construction of the first KLP complex facility, completed all architectural and construction works, thermo technical, hydro technical and electrical installations, interior designs and activities, as well as for the hard landscaping works according the “turn key”, “design and build” construction system.


Conference “The World in 2020”

The CEO of Konstruktor Group, Mr. Ognjen Kisin, participated in the conference “The World in 2020”, organized by  Color Media Communications, and recognizable as the event that closes the ongoing year with conclusions about the political, business, and social environment in Serbia, and raises questions of significance in the coming year.
The topics that Mr. Kisin talked about are certainly useful in the civil engineering sector, such as the problems that the civil engineering industry is faced with, and also progress in this kind of industry.
Lack of workforce, a large number of workers hired from abroad, and diminishing numbers of qualified native young workers are all current topics which pose a specific kind of problem for the civil engineering industry in Serbia.
According to Mr. Kisin, the entire situation should be seen as a challenge, for at the same time there are grounds for optimism – namely, the increasing scope of work in this industry and better commercial terms for all workers. If companies invest sufficiently in their human resources, they will obtain an appropriate inflow of workforce and the deficiency of the labor force will be reduced.
In addition, a large number of foreign investments has not only increased the scope of work but also helped to alter standards in civil engineering, so that Mr. Kisin also touched upon energy efficiency, the construction of buildings in accordance with the highest FM Global standards of quality, LEED standards, the standards of green building, and in general the raising of awareness in terms of the importance of environmental protection...
Such standards have been implemented in civil engineering industry, which also presents a highly favorable trend.

If you want to see more about the panel itself, please follow the link:

Nemanja Uzelac, the Commercial Director of Konstruktor Group, also spoke at the conference “Balkans Property Forum 2019”, a very successful platform for the media and events in real estate industry in Central and Eastern Europe. The topics that the panelists discussed pertained to the highest logistics. 
Since the Konstruktor company has built the largest number of logistics centers in Serbia, Mr. Uzelac shared his experience on: how technology changes the ways in which logistic centers operate, what a logistics center will look like in 2030, the best location for logistics centers, how the development of infrastructure can help logistics... etc.

Works on the MINTH facility, 67000m2

According to the turnkey contract, the design-and-build company Konstruktor, as a general contractor, is in the process of constructing a production, warehousing, administrative and technical complex of the MINTH company in Loznica.

The complex is located in the “Šepak” industrial zone in Loznica, with an area of 67,000 m2.

The works are in the final phase for the facility no. 1 (the works on the roof and the facade have been completed, the facility is glazed, while the interior works are in their final phase). The precast concrete structure is completely finished on the facility no. 2, while the works on the roof and the facade, as well as the internal water and sewage installations, have been completed.

In addition, the construction of the facility no. 3 is also underway, as the works on the precast concrete construction are currently being carried out.
This also includes a few auxiliary facilities, the construction of which has already begun.

The entire 67,000 m2 complex will be completed within 12 months of the commencement of the works.

The Konstruktor company wishes to express the pleasure at hiring MINTH Automotive Europe, a renowned investor from China, as a general contractor, as that is a company that owns more than 30 locations in China, Thailand, and Mexico, and supplies parts to leading automakers with a more than 80% share on the global market.

The phase one construction of a 20,000 m2 modern logistics center KLP in Simanovci has been completed, with the phase two construction of the complex being underway

The Konstruktor company has built the KLP facility according to the design-and-build and turnkey system of construction, and the logistics center has officially been opened.

The facility meets the FM GLOBAL and the LEED construction standards and belongs to the “A” class of modern industrial buildings, with high energy efficiency achieved by using premium material brands.

It is located at an attractive location right next to the E-70 highway near the Šimanovci toll booth, at the western entrance to Belgrade.
The characteristic of the architectural design of this facility is a dynamic and simple form, which emphasizes and symbolizes the speed of modern life and the swift manner of the logistics center operations.

The KLP logistics center has been built for the leasing purposes, while a second KLP facility is under construction right next to the first one, which has already been rented under a long-term contract by SCHENKER, one of the leading logistics companies in the world, and the purpose of the facility no. 3 will be multifunctional cold storage and ADR, also for the leasing purposes.

As a general contractor for the construction of this facility, the Konstruktor company is in charge of the execution of all architectural and construction works, thermo-technical, hydro-technical and electrical installations, interior finishing and craft works, as well as all the works on the ground floor of the complex.

More about the KLP complex can be found at: www.klp.rs

A fourth facility for the company Lidl and a fifth facility for Miškone Plastik have been completed according to the turnkey construction system

The most recognizable identity trait of the Konstruktor Group is precisely the continuous cooperation with domestic and foreign investors.

In this regard, the Konstruktor company is pleased that a fourth facility fo. r the renowned German investor Lidl has been successfully completed, in addition to a fifth facility for one of our very dear partners with whom the Konstruktor company has cooperated for years, i.eMiškone Plastik from Stara Pazova.

Following the very successful construction of a modern 15,000 m2 Lidl office building in Stara Pazova, the first building in Serbia to receive the PLATINUM LEED certificate, as well as of the retail shops in Vršac and Obrenovac, the Konstruktor company, as a general contractor, has successfully completed the construction of a fourth building for the same investor, Lidl retail shop in Belgrade, on Tošin Bunar Street.

Simultaneously, the construction works of Miškone Plastik’s fifth warehouse were also underway and eventually completed. The warehouse facility includes a hall and external decoration at the site in Stara Pazova, where the already existing objects were also constructed by the Konstruktor company, which are also one of the first buildings to which the system of spatial structures, designed by professor Srđan Kisin, one of the founders of the Konstruktor Group, was applied.

The Konstruktor company is employed as a general contractor under the turnkey contract for the execution of all architectural and construction works, thermo-technical, hydro-technical and electrical installations, interior finishing and craft works, as well as for all the works pertaining to the ground floor decoration.

A GALA ceremony marking Konstruktor’s 15th Anniversary

The Konstruktor Group’s festive celebration to mark the company’s fifteenth anniversary took place in the glamorous newly-built Logistics Center “KLP” in Simanovci.

Since its foundation in 2004, Konstruktor has overcome numerous project challenges, taking decisive steps towards achieving a clear goal: strengthening its position as the leader in the engineering of commercial buildings, the construction of industrial and logistics centers, retail parks, modern office and residential buildings with the reputation of a reliable partner dedicated to its clients’ goals.

Today, fifteen years later, the Konstruktor Group has left behind more than 250 magnificent buildings of various types and purposes across the region.

Marking that occasion, a gala celebration was held for the employees, who have grown together with the company so far, and for the respected investors who have recognized Konstruktor’s value and strengthened continuous cooperation with the company, as well as for the reputable subcontractors, suppliers, designers, institutions, numerous media and friends of the house.

On this occasion, the new “KLP” Logistics Center in Simanovci was ceremoniously opened as well, which was built by the Konstruktor company as a general contractor, in accordance with the highest construction standards. The KLP facility was built for rent and will represent a major shift in logistics. The ceremony took on even more significance with this. 

The Konstruktor company has expressed great satisfaction with the past work, the achieved success, myriads of recognitions as a healthy and successful domestic company, and as they say - days and years have passed on construction sites, some more, some less difficult, but always good and better than the previous ones. And that is what matters the most.

One of the founders and the chairman of the Konstruktor Group, Prof. Srdjan Kisin, CEO, and founder Mr. Ognjen Kisin, management of the company, made a short speech to thank a large number of guests who came to share the joy of past work together with them. Meeting the years to come, under the Konstruktor Group’s slogan, "we continue to", "CONSTRUCT YOUR VISION".

One more “turnkey” handed over to the Austrian investor Immofinanz – STOP SHOP Sremska Mitrovica

After the successfully built “STOP SHOP” retails in Niš, Lazarevac, Valjevo and Vršac, for which Konstruktor Company was engaged as the  general contractor, one more “STOP SHOP” complex had its festive opening on the new location in Sremska Mitrovica. 

The cover area of the facility in Sremska Mitrovica is 7,500 m2, with 16,000 m2 of the arranged exterior area. 
Konstruktor company has built all the five facilities using the “turnkey” construction system and the highest quality standards for the renowned Austrian investor “Immofinanz”.

The ceremony of the festive opening was honoured by the presence of the mayor of Sremska Mitrovica, Vladimir Sanader with his associates, Mr Deitmar Reindl, the operation director of Immofinanz Company, Mr Joško Piteša, the operation manager of Immofinanz Company for Serbia, Mr Ognjen Kisin, the executive director of Konstruktor Group with the company’s team of engineers, Austrian ambassador in Serbia, His Excellency Nikolaus Lutterotti, Minister of Agriculture Mr. Branislav Nedimovic,  leading people of the companies Immofinanz, Novaston and Kjubik, the supervision team, as well as numerous other guests, media and associates.

Konstruktor Company wants to express its great pleasure for being engaged in the construction of the fifth STOP SHOP retail park, which is also one of the company’s strategies – a continuous and successful cooperation with renowned and demanding investors.
Konstruktor was engaged on the project as the general contractor, according to a “turnkey” contract, for performing all the architectural and construction work, thermo-technical, hydro-technical and electrical installations, interior finishing works, as well as all the works on the ground area arrangement of the complex.  

The fifth contract concluded between companies Miškone Plastik and Konstruktor

For one of the dearest partners with which Konstruktor company had the pleasure to cooperate for years, a fifth contract for a warehouse facility was signed on the design-and-build, turnkey basis.

The warehouse facility includes a hall and an outdoor arrangement at a location in Stara Pazova, where the previous facilities were also built by Konstruktor company, as the general contractor, and which are at the same time one of the first facilities on which the system of spatial constructions designed by professor Srđan Kisin was implemented.

By way of an equal height of the main and secondary lattice girders connected by upper and lower belts, a spatial structure of a high load capacity is achieved in relation to the amount of the material used for the construction of the object.

The compatibility of this system with local regulations for wind is especially emphasized, wherein this system solves the problem of lower bit truss girders deflection due to wind sub pressure. Aldo, the roof and façade sandwich panels are treated within the STRESSED SKIN DESIGN in accordance with EUROCODE regulations. This means the incorporation of stiffness of façade and roof clad into the space model of the facility which contributes to the simplification of the skeleton. The application of these two approaches in designing prefabricated facilities has enabled Kontruktor to stand out in the marked in regards to the optimization of facilities’ structure.

On this project, Konstruktor is engaged as a general contractor, according to the "turnkey" contract, for design and build of all architectural-construction works, thermotechnical, hydrotechnical and electrical installations, interior finishing works, as well as all landscaping and traffic works of the complex.