Opis projekta

Metal constructor, one of the members of the Konstruktor Group whose organization and work are in accordance with modern high quality standards, is specialized and equipped for high quality production and assembly when it comes to steel and aluminum construction.

In this connection, the Konstruktor company with its infrastructure participates in a unique project "Ada mall" shopping center, realization of the "Skylight" steel structure that extends along the entire main atrium, which is one of the features of this project.

In addition to this impressive structure, the role of Constructors is the construction of a steel construction of cinemas and multipurpose areas, as well as technical facilities. Regarding the realization of the steel structure for this project, it is worth noting that the main tasks were to overcome the challenges of production, transport and installation of solid steel elements that accompany and irregular geometry. The constructor produced the construction in its own factory in Rakovica, and mounted on the site itself.

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