Opis projekta

STOP SHOP Vrsac building complex is  a retail park of the international STOP SHOP chain, owned by the Austrian real estate company IMMOFINANZ. The construction of four STOP SHOPs (Nis, Valjevo, Lazarevac and Vrsac) was trusted to Konstruktor company. Building complex in Vrsac is located in the wider city centre area, next to the city lake, on the road leading to Serbian-Romanian border.

Building complex in Vrsac is structurally organized as retail park, with 20 divided shops, with total retail area of 8.250 sqm. Building design is ground level with orthogonal linear form of the letter L, with accentuated horizontality, suitable for buildings of this type. Each shop has its own direct approach, over the front plateau – parking lot with adequate pedestrian pathway. Project concept includes construction of advertising totem with 24 m of height and children playground with total area of 100 sqm.

Design of building is a system of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements in skeleton construction system of single foundation, columns, primary carriers, secondary carriers, and structure of raster 15,0x18,0m; 17,0x18,0m and 18,0x18m. Roof cover of the building is a layered roof composed of trapezoidal steel sheets, thermal insulation and waterproofing membrane, structurally designed and analysed to completely satisfy energy efficiency and fire resistance regulations. Rainwater drainage is gravity drainage system: horizontal gutter, vertical PVC gutter connected to the system of rain drainage leading to public rainwater drainage network.

Aside to construction of the building complex, Konstruktor company also executes works on the arrangement of access roads with the area of approximately 15.787 sqm. Traffic system is designed in two separate sections: front plateau with internal roads, parking lot for 329 passenger vehicles, including 18 parking spaces for persons with disabilities and 7 family parking spaces, areas for pedestrian traffic, square for gathering and relaxation and back delivery road. Traffic surface finishing is asphalt, and part of surface is Behaton. Project also includes 12.639 sqm of grass surfaces.

On this project, Konstruktor is engaged as a general contractor, according to the "turnkey" contract, on the execution of all architectural-construction works, thermotechnical, hydrotechnical and electrical installations, interior finishing works, as well as all landscaping and traffic works of the complex.

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