One Story of People and Construction...

„Konstruktor“, a construction company from Belgrade, has been operating diligently, thoroughly and with a lot of knowledge for years, achieving success after success. As general contractors, we have built over one million square meters for renowned investors and showed that Serbia certainly has a highly qualified staff that is ready to face even the most demanding foreign investors and meet their requirements and challenges.
We have recently celebrated our “majority,” i.e., 18 years of business operations.
The central theme of this celebration was not business success, but people. The most diverse employees. Special, cooperative individuals and team players, fundaments, and drivers.
In addition to business, there are many unique talents which can definitely be seen below.
Starting with the CEO of Konstruktor Group, dear Mr Dragan Brkić, who is widely known for his vocal quality, the microphone is in his hands at every celebration, and during the day, employees can hear “a cappella” echoing from his office, even though he is swamped with work, the song is heard.

The project manager of the most demanding projects, Milica Vučijak, is a girl who has been inspiring and moving people all her life with her professional dance acrobatics at competitions. 

The marketing director, Tatjana Vesnić, also with a gentle appearance, but engaged in a slightly different sport, has been hanging on rock cliffs since the age of seven, conquering mountain peaks and winning medals.

Another person of this screened foursome, and we can freely say the most likable one, is Boris Jovanović, the chief structural steel engineer, who set out from the hustle and bustle of the city that we all run away from or at least try to, bought a tractor, and started an imposing plum tree orchard near Belgrade. “Lenka” brandy must be made.

All of them, and many others, are committed professionals, parents, and talents. They have been with Konstruktor for years, they work diligently every day and are part of this story about people and construction.
When asked where the idea to present employees in such a creative way came from, marketing director Tatjana Vesnić said:
The smallest problem is doing marketing for a company that is built on kindness, knowledge, and talent.

Our first 18 years of business, thank you for your trust!

Dear friends,
The past 18 years and this first million square meters have been quite an exciting ride. Now, we would like to stop for a moment at this station, look back and reflect on this journey to evaluate all that we have created and that we have, to express our immense gratitude to all of you who have been with us on this ride and to send you warm regards from the entire Konstruktor team.
Konstruktor is made up of effort, work, and knowledge. A symbiosis of youth and experience. Ambition, passion, desire to prove yourself, and faith. Nevertheless, Konstruktor is laughter, joy, friendship and companionship, teamwork. It comprises colleagues and comrades, a combination of different people who share a common goal and who welcome each other every morning. Different, special people, cooperative individuals, and team players. They are engineers, technicians, economists, athletes, farmers, householders, friends, children and parents, fundaments and drivers, working and creating together, fighting, and sharing everything. Everyone who has given and incorporated a part of themselves in this story of construction and people is part of Konstruktor. Konstruktor is you with whom we have been working all these years.
And thank you once again.
In all these years, we have faced many challenges for which we are grateful as they made us grow and achieve one of the most important successes in business – being fully prepared for every project.
Our renowned investors, both domestic and foreign, have assigned us various tasks, and showing that they believe in us, they have very often entrusted us with difficult and complex projects that have not yet been built in our country. We accepted them readily. And finished them on time, with the required quality, and within the budget.
There was stress, the lack of sleep, but we know very well that we are not the only ones, and that this is exactly the path to success.
Guided by highly qualified management in all sectors, with a great driving team, which is excellent both from the intellectual and character aspects, we have been building all your facilities and at the same time this story of ours.

We will continue to construct your vision, and we are waiting for your new million square meters.

Greetings from Konstruktor!


The Grundfos facility in Inđija has been completed and officially opened

We would like to thank the renowned Danish investor for the successful third collaboration that resulted in a phenomenal facility with a gold certificate of green construction.
The ceremonial opening of the factory was attended by the President of the Republic of Serbia  Aleksandar Vučić, the President of the Provincial Government Igor Mirović, the Minister of Economy Anđelka Atanasković and the Ambassador of Denmark Susanne Shine.

As a general contractor, Konstruktor began cooperation with Grundfos in 2012 on the construction of their first facility of 27,000 m2, the largest greenfield investment in Serbia that year, then in 2018 on the construction of a WWTF wastewater treatment facility, and now, in 2022, on the construction of a second factory of 18,000m2, according to the turn-key system, design and build.

Successful and continuous cooperation with renowned investors is a special pleasure for us. 
Finally, a huge thank you to our well-coordinated engineering team, we didn't expect anything less!
Greetings from Konstruktor

The Completion and Official Opening of the Stop Shop Retail Park in Vršac

The STOP SHOP retail park facility in Vršac, which is part of the international STOP SHOP chain, owned by the eminent Austrian investor IMMOFINANZ, was officially launched. This is their second facility in Vršac and its opening was celebrated by hosting an event at the location. 

After 5 retail parks in Niš, Valjevo, Lazarevac, Vršac, and Sremska Mitrovica built by Konstruktor as the general contractor, we are very pleased that this facility’s construction was entrusted to us as well.

Konstruktor’s role in this project was that of a general contractor, based on a "turnkey" contract, It was tasked with the execution of all architectural and construction works, including thermotechnical, hydrotechnical, and electrical installations, interior finishing works, as well as all works on the ground floor arrangement of the complex.

Japan Tobacco Intenational 4

The construction of a high-bay warehouse with accompanying administrative space for the
Japan Tobacco International Company in Senta has begun.

This is the fourth project that the company Konstruktor is building for Investor JTI. The beginning of
the cooperation began in 2013 with the construction of the first hall, then in 2014 with the
construction of the second, and then in 2021 and 2022 with the further expansion of the complex.
The facilities were built according to the "turnkey" "design and build" system, with short deadlines
and maximum savings for the Investor.

We are pleased that you hired us again and thank you for your trust.

Greetings from Konstruktor

Minth Automotive Europe, 第五阶段

在包括九个设施 (182000平方米) 的第一、二、三和四阶段完成之后,又把第五阶段安排好了,面积为11000平方米,将于20235月完成。




为该项目的总承包商,根据交钥匙合同和设计- 建造合同,连同许可证的获取,Konstruktor 公司负责所有建筑和建筑工程的施工,热力,水力和电力装置,室内装修工程以及综合体花坛布置的所有工作

Reengagement by the Investors

We are always happy when we look back at the continuous cooperation with investors and look at the facilities we built 5, 10, 15 and more years ago, and then again this year, in the year behind us...
This is a special pleasure for us because we see how our renowned clients diligently and successfully expand their business, and at the same time it is also our mirror because their new investments they entrust to us. 
We are glad about that. 👷
We will continue to construct the visions of our clients, as well as encourage some new futures, and watch their new halls and their growth.

Knjaz Milos 2022, agreed construction of production and storage facility in Arandjelovac

Under the turn-key system ‘design and build’, the construction of production and storage facility was contracted for Knjaz Milos Company – the manufacturer of mineral water, soft and energy drinks.
Konstruktor as the general contractor shall complete the construction of the facility in Arandjelovac, whose size is 6700m2, within 6 months.

We look forward to the cooperation with the new client, and at the same time, when we hear those two words ‘Knjaz Milos’, we cannot ignore the cultural heritage, therefore the construction of the facility gives us extra pleasure.
Back in 1811, the first person to explore the mineral springs in the area was Dositej Obradovic, educator and the first minister of education in Serbia, and apart from him there was also a linguist and Serbian language, Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic. Then began the dispensing and delivery of mineral water to the Serbian court.
Due to the visit of Princess Ljubica, in 1839 the first mineral spring was built – the cylinder was installed. Two decades later, the Prince Milos Obrenovic changed the name of Vrbica to Arandjelovac, which marked the beginning of further development of the settlement.
It is quite amusing that the first building in Serbia made of reinforced concrete was the mineral water bottling plant in Bukovik built in 1907.
We are proud to continue the tradition in civil engineering as a famous local construction company in compliance with the highest standards, for the year 2022 and to build another ‘Knjaz Milos’ facility.

Greetings from Konstruktor!

Marbo Pepsico, the second facility in Bački Maglić

The construction of a new facility for the Marbo Pepsico company in Bački Maglić has commenced.
The first cooperation between Konstruktor and formerly Marbo was established in 2015 on the construction of a production and storage facility, and now, few years later, the construction of a new facility for this company, a high-rack warehouse with accompanying office space, in total area of 5,500m2, has commenced.
Same as the first one, this construction project will be realized upon the "turnkey" system by the Konstruktor as the general contractor, with a 6-month deadline.

Pleased to continue our cooperation,
We wish good luck to the team in Bački Maglić in their future endeavours

New phase of construction Stop Shop retail park in Vršac

STOP SHOP Vršac, a retail park of the international STOP SHOP chain, is expanding and the construction of a new phase on the existing location in Vršac has begun.

After the construction of 5 retail parks in Niš, Valjevo, Lazarevac, Vršac and Sremska Mitrovica by Konstruktor, the general contractor, we are pleased to continue our cooperation with the renowned Austrian company IMMOFINANZ.

Greetings from the Konstruktor!