Investor relations

Better offer, short deadlines, quality without compromises.

Savings for the investor:

Investors can save up to 20% of the budget in total.

Konstruktor company has developed two ways which helps in this matter :

  1. HR logistics and knowledge - in terms of technical optimization guided by a good design team. The Konstruktor has more than 50 engineers of all profiles, more than a hundred permanent employees and more than five hundred employees at all construction sites.
  2. Infrastructure of the Konstruktor in form of own production implemented by other members of the group: Konstruktor Metal, Konstruktor Equipment, Konstruktor Distribution, Konstruktor Konsalting.

Re-engagement by the Investor:

For each construction company, the best reference is re-engagement by the investor, especially if it is a reputable and demanding investor.

There are clients in the Konstruktor’s reference list for which 2,3,4 up to 7 objects have been built. We have gained a very good reputation so far and it is a rule for investors to come back many times.

One of the main features of the company and one of the more recognizable identity lines is working with professional Investors in continuity, with Investors who know very well what they want.