Opis projekta

The Area 1000 within the new RTB Bor foundry and sulfuric acid factory is comprised of 14 facilities for materials’ transport and preparation (mixing). The complete supporting structure of facilities is a steel skeleton of total weight of cca 1,130t. Out of 14 facilities 6 are towers on which 7 supporting conveyers are leaned on and one supporter of electric cables. The complete structure lays on the surface of cc 29.000m2 of which the structure section on elevation is +353m of altitude while a structure section is on +373m of altitude.

The towers are structures of a frame system with platforms on places where conveyers are leaned on them. The biggest of them is the Daily concentrate bin of I quartz of total weight of cca 390t and 30m of height.

Conveyer girders are bridge structures over two or more supporters which are formed as space trussed structures. Conveyer girders spans are 20 – 25, while the biggest is 32m. The highest column on which one of the girders is leaned is 30m.

Konstruktor Company realized the production and assembly of the steel structure.

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