Opis projekta

The facility is located on the Trg Republike square in the very center of Belgrade, in the vicinity of the National Theatre, National Museum and city’s pedestrian zone in Knez Mihajlova street. The facility has eight aboveground levels and two belowground levels. 

The old facility was Jugodrvo’s office building, partially bare to the loadbearing structure, and interventions on the space and function organization of the facility was performed. The old façade structure was removed off of the facility, a part of the prefabricated concrete slabs and a part of the steel skeleton. Biggest changes were made on the ground floor and on the first two floors. Also, the central staircase and elevator core from the belowground levels to the top of the facility were taken down and new ones were made, as well as a smaller auxiliary staircase, service elevator and auto-elevator which will serve for the garage. The architectural design of the facility’s new façade possesses a functional importance beside the visual effect. By applying the latest insulation materials and copper wire protection mask the facility’s energy efficiency problem was solved.

After the reconstruction the hotel has 114 rooms, meeting rooms, restaurant and other hotel facilities. It belongs to the Courtyard by Marriott chain, and the opening is expected mid 2015.

Konstruktor has performed works on tearing down the façade, the existing steel and concrete skeleton, as well as works on the construction of a new concrete and steel supporting and façade structure.

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