Opis projekta

The company Konstruktor contracted the production and installation of the part of the steel structure related to the construction of Zezelj’s Bridge in Novi Sad. The new bridge is built to replace the old bridge made of prestressed concrete and is located on the European railway Corridor 10. The structure of the bridge is of steel, with two arches bridging the Danube between Petrovaradin and Novi Sad. The smaller arch has a span of 177m, 34m in height with hangers, while the higher arch has a span of 219m, with a total height of 42m with hangers. The bridge will have two railway tracks, two lanes for road traffic and two bicycle and pedestrian paths.

Temporary piers for the launch, which serve as the main stiffening when pulling arches in the final projected position, are made entirely as the steel ones. The total weight of the structure is 650 tons. Each arch contains four pillars (a total of 16 pieces for both arches), of width of 3.2m, of maximum height of 34m. The piers are designed as spacious quad grids, in order to follow the slope of the arch, passing out of hangers and not to affect the change in any fundamental dimension of the components cross sections of the bridge structure - arches, ties, suspenders, crossbeams of pavement structure, which represents a major challenge during the installation.

The main profiles of which the piers are made of are hot-rolled, of S355 quality, secondary elements are made of profiles, of S235 quality. Connections to the bridge structure are welded, while the bolt-on extensions are made entirely using high value bolts. The production of steel structure is carried out and controlled in all according to the Plan of quality of the company Konstruktor, which is in line with the applicable Serbian standards.

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